Saturday, July 22, 2006


Les came by with family today. Master teacher that he is, he showed Tara new tricks in Sims 2 she'd never seen before, even though he'd never played. He's just a natural I guess.

Coyote Girl sure was strange lookin' (before she caught fire in the kitchen that is, and burnt to a crisp (an oven event, plus no phone)).

We also made an "epoxy lake" in my broken portable air conditioner, which really did fix the topmost squirrel cage problem (rebound it to the shaft). Unfortunately, there were other deeper problems -- so it's back to the morgue for the Daewoo.

Glenn stopped by earlier and I showed him some of the progress I've made on the open source side of things, vis-a-vis our global matrix project.

Here's the idea of "walking a hexapent" (going from cell to cell, looking at global data):

Anyway, it's basically an "ant on a soccer ball" application, demonstrating objects atop a data structure. In future, geocachers equipped with our hand-held units will likely experience several advantages over those with only square-based models.

Les also had some good leads on how I might score a camper van, without needing to buy one.

I told him that joke making the rounds among 6th graders these days, about why an envious Bill Clinton bought himself a "nose ringy" -- because of what GWB had.