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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Keeping Tabs

Denizens of the USSA are the most spied upon in the world, thanks to their "own" devices, which phone home to inform all sorts of private interests about one's activities and location.

Those wishing more privacy have an uphill battle out of the box.

One could argue that people are not entitled to complete privacy and/or invisibility assuming they share public resources.  If you're on the road, sharing it, we have the right to know your identity, no?

The sense of paranoia that's been building is being deflected onto the Russians these days.  They're the ones doing the spying, not the home team.

Bannon served on the board of Cambridge Analytica, which boasts having data on every voter in the US, enough to compute an OCEAN profile and target ads.

Even though this company openly takes credit for the Trump campaign's effectiveness, we learn it was Russians and Wikileaks that tipped the scales.

How many mainstream media reports have directed attention to "Russian hackers" versus this psychometrics company based in the UK?

Those media reports picking up on that story are mostly dismissive of this "myth" that Cambridge Analytica has working voodoo.  I agree with the "myth" part, but then so is the "Russian hackers" story about mythical powers.

It's myth versus myth.

The effectiveness of targeted advertising based on profiling is hardly a "myth" to social media companies such as Facebook and Google.  That's how they make their money.  The fact that political campaigns are likewise advertising campaigns is obvious.

So how does playing down the role of psychometrics companies stack up against the reams of stories playing up their importance?  How hypocritical are these "myth busters" willing to be?

Are psychometric computations what drive this narrative of "Russia the evildoer"?  That seems a truism in my lexicon.

Politicians (social engineers) feel in their gut that oughta work (scaring people about the Russians).

Going with one's gut is what psychometrics is all about, especially minus the big data component, which might serve as an unwelcome reality check in some cases.

USers have been susceptible to Red Scares for a long time, so what does it matter if the Russians are no longer red?  Can't we scare the USers anyway, or at least make them angry?

That's what organized crime wants to find out.  Experiments are underway.  The mainstream media is their tool of choice, what they've learned how to use.

You know what I always say:  if you want to be a US president, you need to:

(A) know how to lie persuasively and
(B) have close ties with organized crime (including the CIA).

For example, president Clinton well understood about the need to ship arms to the Contras in contravention of the Boland Amendment.

The CIA wouldn't enjoy the loyalty of its home team mercenaries if big money were not involved, meaning cocaine sales and money laundering, with lots of partying for friendly politicos.

Clinton could not have become president had he not, as governor of Arkansas, helped with the CIA's program, a continuation from Vietnam War days, where drug trafficking was likewise a big part of Air America's business.  Not a secret.

President Trump is still being tested by organized crime, as Putin has his own criminal networks and the idea of "getting along with Putin" is pitting mob against mob, at least in the lower ranks.

Trump's base wants to find out if "draining the swamp" has anything to do with telling more of the truth about recent history.

Given the mainstream media is purposely forgetful ("United States of Amnesia") and has no means to connect the dots for people in any short evening news format, the social media habits of USAers have changed.

They want the bigger picture.  They're turning to Youtube.  Many of them are not big readers, thanks to TV, but then the Internet is turning out to be a lot like TV.

Hollerith machines were all about keeping tabs on people and of course the Germans wanted them to implement Nazi programs.  IBM helped them out.  Lets figure out who all is Jewish.

We forget how many in the US business community were tacitly rooting for Hitler.  Eugenics, as a "science" was co-developed on Long Island.

Once the war was over, the losers did not necessarily agree it was over and the Cold War picked up right where WW2 left off, just as the war in Korea rolled right into the war in Vietnam.

Many Nazis ended up in the Middle East, working with the CIA to frustrate Arab nationalism.  German scientists pleaded innocence and flooded into the US rocketry program, resulting in ICBMs.

Undermining governments, forcing regime change, has been the game for a long time.  The mob rules.  That's a tough lesson to teach in school though, so a lot of people end up confused.  They suppose ideals match the reality and criminality relates to "a few bad apples" and nothing systemic.

No one is asking if the Trump campaign was in close touch with UK intelligence operatives throughout the election season.  If we're as fast and loose with definitions as we are where Russians are concerned, then the answer is yes, of course.

Which nation did the US have a war with to win independence for itself, Russia or the UK?

Ah, but with the latter we (the USers) have a "special relationship".  British Aerospace and the Pentagon are joined at the hip.  BP oil powers the USSA's aircraft carriers.

We've been taught that Russia is our enemy.  Those reflexes still work, but maybe not as much as they used to?  Stay tuned.  Global literacy levels are still on the rise.  Telling people how they must think is getting more difficult.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Keep on Truckin'

Quaker Business

Lots of truckers share advice and stories on Youtube.

That gives me an opportunity to ask directly, and respectfully, if they'd have any interest in driving overseas, as a part of a truck driver focused student exchange service.

I've already gotten a green light from academia to pursue such interests, but really I need truckers themselves, along with transportation engineers, to be more aware of their options.

Market research...  Focus groups... Does Google maps have the overlays we need?  What other map services will we need, to keep out Kabul-to-Istanbul lanes flowing smoothly?

Freeways Layer : Global Matrix

Trucking as currently designed allows precious little time for tourism.  It's dock-to-dock, through the dirty side of most cities.  Many people treat truck drivers rather poorly.  That's where the academics come in:  drivers get a full-blown work-study program.  Our curriculum is about more than moving freight.  Lets think about families.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prime Numbers

Solution in Codesters



Code on Paper

Friday, February 10, 2017

Study Circle

World Game Players

In addition to working with world game planners on Global U ideas around trucking, I'm studying a New Yorker article, Dymaxion Man, about Fuller, published in 2008.

Sure, that's one way to compute the account, tell the story.  New Yorker features a lot of intelligent writing.

No mention of the Cornwall Eden Project, nor of the Epcot Buckyball ("Spaceship Earth"). How does Synergetics relate to the CCP?

No mention of Dr. Arthur Loeb, nor A & B modules, T & E modules (3D printable!).

We'll have exhibits in our World Game Museum, of what the textbooks were ignoring (a basis for ignorance). Lets see how the narrative accounts compute then, shall we?

Is West Point teaching the Bucky stuff at least, sharing our American heritage with high ranking officers?  Scandalous if not. We're investigating.

A couple comments, from my Facebook timeline:

Study Circle

Military Man

The main literary trope I find regarding Bucky is that he was a failure and his inventions didn't fly. Put his awards and degrees, number of works published, historical role as "engineer saint", in a pile, and put that pile next to any detractor's and compare. 

True, he didn't win a Nobel Prize. Is eleven honorary PhDs enough (given for free remember, to help a school uphold its own brand)? Elliot Norton chair of poetry at Harvard? Patents not just on the dome, but the IVM itself (like if Descartes had patented XYZ). 

This guy appears to be a huge success, by objective criteria. One of the most successful who ever lived. I think the "he was a failure" trope is a projection. People think "the world is still a ghetto ergo Bucky did not succeed." Specious. Completely void of real thought.

Or was it 47 PhDs? That's what BFI claims. Depends what "doctorate" means maybe. 

Such a failure right? Poor slob.
After being spurned early in his career by the architecture and construction establishments, Fuller was later recognized with many major architectural, scientific, industrial, and design awards, both in the United States and abroad, and he received 47 honorary doctorate degrees. In 1983, shortly before his death, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, with a citation acknowledging that his "contributions as a geometrician, educator, and architect-designer are benchmarks of accomplishment in their fields."

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Jitterbug Transformation

Your math teacher may use the Jitterbug Transformation to help explain how the cuboctahedron and icosahedron layers might morph into one another without gaining or losing constituent balls.

1, 12, 42, 92, 162... is the sequence we're talking about.

Geometrical concepts may be imparted via a number of these moving sculptures, or dynamic devices.

Another such device is the triangular book with one triangular page, its tip traveling in a 180 degree arc and defining two complementary tetrahedrons (same volume as each other) all along the way.

When the page is straight up, and the edges are all 2, we call that unit volume in the XYZ coordinate system, made from cubes of edges 1.  These two sculptures have the same volume.

The Quadray coordinate system apparatus gives us yet another conversation piece with which to leverage greater understanding of the target namespace.  Again, the canonical edges (not base vectors) are of edges 2.

Our World Game Museum will feature a lot of textbooks that saw fit to not include any of this information, nor the related whole number volumes schema.

Probing questions will be posed, and documentary postmortems invited.  People will come up with varying theories to explain the censoring habits of minions.


Sunday, February 05, 2017

More Codesters

The embedded version has its limitations. Try this version instead? These are fun experiments.

I have one baseball and want to completely surround it with others. One way: put six around the center one on a table, then three on top, three on the bottom. With real baseballs, this would be difficult.

To see an animation of what I'm talking about, check here:

For a lot more on the mathematics, check here:

More of a Martian Math theme, which for some of you may mean more Hungarian.