Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Biz Talk

So according to KOIN, the Portland Tribune kingpin is urging the city towards more of a conversation about just what our job picture is going to be. How will we sustain the living standards to which we've become accustomed?

I'd urge serious attention to my ToonTown proposal, for Lower East Side (Produce Row encompassing), complete with Erik Sten's render farm.

To say "toons" isn't to deprecate the scientific seriousness of strong visualizations, and the high tech industries around here have a voracious appetite for computer graphics animations, and not just for purposes related to idle entertainment.

So there's an implied edginess to this economy, in that we're looking to support hospital systems, research laboratories, with their cutting edge research into life extension and enhancement, through medicine and sports (pro and amateur athletics), with Asian and European hemispheres finding a useful and mutually beneficial interface through our Pacific Rim knowledge-based economy.

Robotics and prosthetics (bio-engineering) form a logical complement to these industries.