Friday, July 14, 2006

Gym Again

I worked out again today, battling middle age (slowly losing, but that's not the point -- it's the quality of the sport, not who wins that counts [1]).

I caught more Battle for God on the flatscreens (no sound track). However, my attention was more focused on Sparky the AIBO: Robot Dogs & Other Robotic Pets. That's an arena where Tara and I look for interesting developments, like that story about robots in Slashdot this morning, which I'm told via edu-sig relates to our Python Nation's Pyro Project.

I'm running lots of errands today, plus doing more coding for Bernie. I actually forgot to retrieve Nick from the "Go By Train" station (he came by Amtrak from Seattle, TriMet to my door). Nick is enroute to some design science workshop in North Carolina. Mom continues flitting about, internationally and domestically.

Dawn is having lots of meetings today, all of them nearby. The weather: mildly hot, traditional Portland summer.

Later that night: more curriculum writing.

Other smalltalk: that battery charger for the Olympus Stylus came thanks to eBay and an honest seller (most of them are). It even included a new battery, plus a car charging kit.

[1] link to CBS News story about the escaped pig in Texas around this time.