Friday, July 07, 2006

More Bizmology

If we're really going to vector cyber vans on education missions, I suggest we begin with some interbase traffic and focus on Pentagon Math, which is shorthand for an emerging, interlinked library of resources and concepts.

The tribal sovereignties, in addition to developing their air field links via NavAm (code for "inter rez airline" and/or an actual brand), could get going with some of the ecovillage prototypes, per the summer camp scenario, pending approval and input from the councils.

Native Americans are really helping to plan and sponsor these games, are not just playing language games invented by others (I know that's hard for some Anglo/Euro types to believe -- sounds kinda spooky (just think of how a ouija board works (Jung: the unconscious is shared))).

I'm starting with the bases and reservations as these have a lot in common, beginning with history, but extending to the logistics of managing large territories with semi-autonomous chains of command. Plus I think taking advantage of this next level of technology, to better integrate what have been bitterly opposed enemies in earlier times, would add to the long term health and sustainability of USA OS.

I am not blind to the low living standard conditions which afflict both the bases and the territories in different ways. At CUE, I worked adjacent to an office studying the AIDS epidemic among tribal networks, which often extend into desperate and miserable urban areas, blind eyed by DC (and often at war with the local police force).

Needle sharing is a primary cause of all kinds of spreading. Addressing the issue of drug abuse, and through strategems other than externalizing costs into an already overloaded penal system, should be high on the agenda of any who call themselves a "nation," yet have so many invisibly suffering sisters and brothers in dramatically improvable scenarios. Adding dignity village type prototyping would likewise add hope and relevance to some very salvageable careers.

Recruiting and training will happen differently depending on where we're focused. I expect many veterans will feel led to the interbase circuit, in partial overlap with our interrez circuit. The gnu math teacher memos look at the generic cybervan to public school interface quite a bit, with the "public" in "public school" and "open" in "open source" having a lot of resonance, and even more so this word "freedom".

Gnu math is about freeing individuals to explore and enjoy their metaphysical heritage, whatever it might be. Acquiring some conceptual tools is a first step along the journey.