Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wanderers 2006.7.19

I'm in and out of this Wanderers meeting, busy bee that I am. Dawn was scheduled for life extension therapies starting earlier than we'd realized, so I left my laptop running and dashed home to perform as chauffeur.

We're back to the possibility of an atmospheric meteor blast, and whether hair trigger humans would misinterpret its significance. Not that we're expecting one anytime soon or anything.

The safe handling of radioactive heavy metals is a related topic, with which some of us have had personal hands-on experience. Properly insulating future generations from recent follies will be an ongoing project.

Other science fiction: Glenn and I sketched controls for a hand- held Global Matrix unit (pretty intuitive and self centric, if I do say so myself). The related grant proposals are already in the system.

Some Wanderers-inspired writing (later same day): Outline for a Liberal Arts mathematics course.