Saturday, July 15, 2006

Biz Talk

I tend to peruse the business pages of whatever city I'm in, looking for threads-in-common. In Boston, that might be Bechtel and the Big Dig. In Portland, it might be the Oracle of Omaha's informal lunch with the gov @ The Arlington Club (the same place Applewhites stayed, June and Ed -- Trevor has traced Bucky to a stay at the Benson (he's a good tour guide, plus he knows sign)).

Re the O-of-O, that's Warren Buffet of course, big in the news of late, given his teaming up with Microsoft, in the persons of Bill and Melinda, to pump some real money into life support. It's time for some high level business acumen, to determine what's really broken, as we know it's not an energy shortage (Welcome to Oregon: home of the busy beavers (energetic-R-us)).

So perhaps it's just a lack of smarts then? Capitalism has ways and means of addressing a falling collective IQ, sometimes through little boosts in advertising. So let's simply bypass the politicians (keeping a few good ones in the loop) and directly apply our market researching skills, to discover the secrets of effective charitable giving. We might call it "philanthropy on steroids" (might not).

Sounds like a plan.

Anyway, a lot goes by in this town, in any town, that doesn't go bleep on my radar. I make no apologies for that, other than to own up to the two way opacity of a double blind democracy.

If we were all being quality tested in black boxes, I'd have to say God's Matrix seems pretty awesomely up to the job. We're not privy to one anothers' poker hands, as sometimes seen on TV, because, in reality, we're not just spectators.

In Universe, each one of us gets a front row seat -- a privilege, not a punishment.