Thursday, April 30, 2009

CyWar in CyBeria

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

Tara's home with a food reaction, devouring House M.D., me jacked in through Jackalope, dominating the world (geek job description).

Speaking of which, they had a geek on CBS Early Show this morning, one Garth Sundem, hadn't met him before, might not be a Python guy or whatever, but he knew who Linus Torvalds was, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs.

All guys apparently.

Then he expounded on the meaning of "geek": it means "passionate about something" with "world domination" being sort of video game shorthand for "mastery" or "fanatical dedication to an activity" or "at the top of one's game".

So then like Lara Logan might be a "news geek", Lance Armstrong a "bicycle geek", Roz Savage a "rowing geek" and so on. Hey, I like it.

This House character bugs me quite a bit. I routinely attack him, though today I'm being quiet and letting Tara enjoy her heroes (it's the whole crew that makes it fun, I get it).

Here's me fulminating in an earlier email (link added):
Bringing more FOSS into classrooms for the purpose of teaching basic numeracy is overdue, not feeling like a supplicant really, more like a guy who pays into the system, have democratic rights, and yet my entire subculture is shoved to the side, like gypsies, and yet engineers are expected to keep the infrastructure going, and yet we're denied our supply of potential recruits, in part by "math teachers" with no worthy skills who sidetrack the little darlings into meaningless years wasted slaving at desks to no good outcome.
Sounds like some guy on the war path. Call me a geek.