Monday, April 13, 2009

OS Bridge Meeting

I'm at Selena's with a crew of five other conference organizers (Audrey is co-chair, also Jason, Ed, Brian), wading through all these talks. We've already voted on relevance and interest, so now have an initial ranking.

I'd missed seeing mine included, think I forgot to vote on it (not out of false modesty -- I probably thought it was maybe one of the magical first cut but no, I may not make the finals, let's see what happens).

Ditto with Saturday Academy this spring, students aren't biting across the board (hey, it's spring!) and I have only the one offering. I had a good talk with an SA: staffer though, shared some follow-up with the Wanderers list.

We could branch more into teacher training, was the gist of it.

PHP has a lot more frameworks than I realized.

Co-working and hacker spaces are needed on the biz track. Doesn't have to mean hardware...

Some discussion of Scala versus Ruby, in terms of speed. This is apparently big news in the blogosphere because of that Twitter engineer, or so they tell me.

Selena is tracking everything in PostgreSQL. "I need to do an inner join", "I haven't quite memorized the schema yet".

We need my talk for long format under Culture, bridges higher and elementary ed (my focus is high school). Keith, looks like we've got yours too. Score two for ISEPP then, or at least Pauling House Wanderers.

This is good soup, thank you Selena.