Sunday, May 03, 2009

First Day

As I've mentioned before, Quakers went through an ultra-Puritanical phase wherein anything inherited from pre-Xtians was considered "too paganesque" or whatever, ergo "Sun day", "Moon day" etc. were too scary, ergo they said "first day", "second day" and so on.

In retrospect, I think it's all pretty goofy, shades of technocracy in some ways. But then I'm not all that impressed by the metric system for everything geographic, either, so call me a dinosaur, a living fossil or whatever (I'm thick enough skinned).

Hey, I bent a spoon yesterday, first time in awhile. Lost control of it when trying to stir up a vortex, hit the blade in the blender, berry blend everywhere, and glass. Shades of our science experiment. Dr. Nick entered the scene, took a few seconds to process this wasn't blood. Tara also an observer of my "junior moment" (or "senior moment" depending on biases).

Yesterday we had family over, plus I got that date with Larry finally, over Thai food again, comparing notes about Kennedy Space Center, near where Dawn went to high school (Satellite Beach). Then he showed me the two opening episodes of Mad Men (on loan from Gayle) which I'd long been curious about, his dad having been one (on Madison Avenue and everything).

Larry is one of the smartest managers in Lower48 and then some they tell me, though I know him mostly through Quakers. He used to work on McGovern's campaign, has a prospering business, really cool kids. His wife Chris was Tara's Montessori teacher.

Obviously I used the opportunity with a pro to rush through my Providence story then flipped to Coffee Shops Network on Jackalope, popping open the hood. My mind clears when I'm able to serve as tour guide to my own life in this way -- blogging serves a similar purpose (reflection, introspection -- also networking).

Next up: lunch with Laika (saying it that way because of alliteration, though it's also true enough). Follow-up: ate at Than Thao, enjoyed a bloody mary, Glenn joined us, having shown off his new collage. I yakked about FOSS boot camps.

Wednesday: visit with Gordon (reminding myself). Gordon's partner Susan was Tara's piano teacher.