Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some History

So here's a case of me feeling grateful, to Terry and ISEPP, for letting me lurk in on lectures all of these years, Heathman dinners. My blogs are full of this fare.

But I think it's time we pony up and buy bona fide season tickets, instead of perking along with the bookkeeping client. Dawn was a bookkeeper and that's just not what I am, so DWA has had to morph quite a bit, though is still going strong.

All of which is a long way of saying: don't expect a write-up of the Oliver Sacks lecture this evening. I'm not planning to hog a seat, out of deference to season ticket holders. I'll be getting mine soon.

On the agenda for today: drop PKL pillow for repairs, dentist, other stuff.

Outcomes: PKL pillow fixed, went to wrong dentist so rescheduled, front bicycle wheel repaired, three pumpkins gutted but not carved, newfangled version of Glenn's global matrix promoted for use within DWA, seeking Brian's permission for boot jingle.

Neither Tabor nor gym (worked out at home).