Sunday, October 14, 2007

Social Hour

Refreshed from yesterday's lengthy bike loop out to Troutdale airport, I showed up at meeting rarin' to go. Spoken ministry was a pleasure (kept my own trap shut), and I ended up giving more than my usual to the contributions box as a result.

Thank you, Janet, for agreeing to fix Dawn's dragon pillow (she made them for Dawn's new office, later Portland Knowledge Lab). Hi Laten, if you see this sometime.

Per conversations with MMM's CP coordinator Kathy Hyzy (Lithuanian name?) , we're likely to move our attendance back to Stark Street more religiously, given Tara's new found friendships at the WQM level.

This is the meeting house I grew up in, post Chicago, pre Rome. I like the @ home feel, compared to Portland French, which is nevertheless a good fit for us, at least in the interim, and in this early chapter of being a Monthly Meeting (Bridge City only recently became one).

Larry, one of my bike mates yesterday, wondered if I still had copies of Idiocracy to share, which I do (a whole stack). It's a spoof on illiberal culture, wherein anything considered "smart" is considered "pompous and faggy" (anyway, go see the movie, don't let me spoil it for ya). Shades of Jim Gaffigan.