Friday, October 12, 2007

Banter @ Bridgeport

I was catching up with an old pal this evening, when I ran into a fellow Wanderer, killing time waiting for a nearby event to get going.

She joined us at our booth for some sophisticated conversation about Jungians versus Freudians, whether either still had career potential ("do they still make new ones?" I heard myself asking).

I used to carry around books by "Frood" as a kid (didn't know how to pronounce it -- still don't read German).

That was toward the end of my day.

At the very outset, Derek swung by, in search of Fry's ads. We both exulted at the low cost of Flash memory. "The laptops we're handing out in Darfur and such are all Flash, no hard drive" was my cheery news -- except we don't really have any really big shipments to Darfur yet, owing to whatever (I don't claim to know all the details, rely on journalists to fill me in).

Later, I was contacted by some cool NGO in Colorado or someplace about hooking in more with World Game. I always cite the map in such cases (this wasn't my first conversation along these lines, although I've sensed a real up tick in quality over the years (yes, some of these next gen types have really been doing their homework)).