Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pycon Chicago

I've put a footprint at the conference web site, which includes branding by Django. Some parts of the family might funnel through Chicago enroute to Pennsylvania in interesting ways (we're planning a reunion).

My last PyCon was under Steve Holden's tenure. My wife came along, and we much enjoyed our stay in Falls Church. Dawn spent much of her time in the NavAm museum on the Washington DC mall, while I geeked out, blabbering about hypertoons or whatever (some kind of lightning talk). I missed seeing Arthur.

Speaking of Arthur: we always argued on edu-sig, apparently on opposite sides of so many issues, but really the big guy just wanted to have some serious hard fun. Nothing namby pamby about Arthur, a financial whiz, self taught in Python and projective geometry both, author of Pygeo.

Arthur and I first met for drinks near what used to be the Pan Am building that time. He once offered me shelter, as a part of our multi-dimensional chess game. Our best and last meeting was with David Lansky and his two very intelligent boys, in Manhatten that time.