Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wanderers 2007.1.23

Our Linus Pauling House was blessed with a visit from a prominent civic minded lawyer in our Portland Community, an Islamic man of Indonesian heritage, with some Dutch mixed in (they practiced apartheid on him), plus he's Latino.

He's kinda like my first son-in-law, also Indonesian. He and Alexia were stars of Rocky Horror Picture Show (where the audience acts out in unison with that strange movie -- shows at Clinton Street Theater to this day).

Given her husband's military commitments, Alexia moved to Fort Campbell, but then marriage took its toll, and he was shipped out to Korea, no spouses allowed. They divorced and much later she married a musician, also with an Asian background, like me.

Anyway, Ronault Latang Sajang Catalan is suspicious of any culture that would stage Bodies, the roaming exhibit(s) -- like that one in Miami sure looked fancy compared to London/Seattle's. This must be more of that same culture that dug tunnels through a graveyard for the new light rail awhile back.

A clash of cultures.

Engineers who don't believe in ghosts are the problem, I agree. "Walking cadavers" is how we think of them (just kidding -- they're taxpayers, just like everyone else).

Seriously though, I didn't know OMSI was on the list for Bodies, so I'm pleased to get some advance warning. We might need to have a few more group therapy sessions before that happens.

The house was packed tonight: Nirel, Joe the psychiatrist, Barry the Banker, Jon the musician, Brian the ecologist, Allen Taylor... plus this new guy into Electric Universe (their publisher), who was talking quite boldly for a newcomer. I'm glad we're not intimidating to strangers. Democratic R Us.