Friday, January 19, 2007

CP4E versus OLPC

Although I use the word "versus" here, I'm not implying Computer Programming for Everybody and One Laptop per Child are enemies. In fact, many promising low cost laptop models make intensive use of Python, among other languages, which'll help serve our goals in CP4E (Python is easy and fun to teach).

However, there's a real difference, in that E means Everyone, and C means Child. At the Math Forum, I shadow NCLB with NALB as well. Adults matter too, and in family mode, guardians and children tend to learn together. The curriculum writing needs to have stuff for moms and dads in it too, as do the blockbuster movie theater cartoons, starring major talents.

Adults have very real world concerns about food and shelter, and our CP4E DynaDome concept encompasses those and provides a home schooling solution. Junior gets the DynaBook (A. Kay), but maybe as a part of the home and garden's infrastructure (B. Fuller), per this Wanderers presentation (by me 'n Jay) on Google Video (~3 mins).

Synergeo #32063:
Convergence of the CP4E and OLPC campaigns is an
important development for the Fuller School, as the
former serves our need to pass on Synergetics, while
the latter easily synchs with our dwelling machine
agenda (home and garden family campus), wherein
the Dynabook is a feature.

More in my blog: [link to this post]

There's a ton of background literature coming from
three different directions here, to form a confluence.
I think the down stream mix will be full of healthful,
integrative concepts.

I missed Fritjof Capra's ISEPP lecture last night. Glenn filled me in over coffee at Peet's.

My name is in the Oregonian today, in that story about MetroFi continuing to expand, with me in the shadows, counting holes. The front page revisits the Kim Family tragedy.

today's Oregonian, page B2
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