Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Changes

So it's Epiphany today, a day for gift giving on the Christian calendar, if you're into linking the gifts to the Three Kings', when they politely showed up some days after Christmas itself, following their lucky star (as Wise Men of the Orient, they knew to wait for the post holiday sales).

Friend AimeƩ came by and helped pack stuff for Alexia and John, for Sam and Judy. I trotted them up (hoofed it) to the UPS Store on Hawthorne and sent these packages on their merry way, via UPS Ground.

Another gift: a speckled oranda with an entourage of three neon tetras, joined the team in our fish tank, courtesy of Tropical Fish Hut (the oranda) and the competition (the neons), another fish and reptile store just a few blocks closer to downtown, other side of Division. AimeƩ's Martin came along for the ride, in one of those special car seats like Tara used to have.

Another gift: we filled out Tara's Full Moon series, manga comix she started reading in Santa Fe. We found them today at Excalibur near Grand Central Bakery.

We also said good bye to our tree, Dawn having wrapped all the ornaments and lights. She was a great tree, a Noble Pine.

We celebrated at Than Thao, with talk of enlightenment and the benefits of reading, versus just watching television. If you don't exercise your brain, who will?

Maureen came by, chatting up son Patrick Long's website.