Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Day in The Matrix

"a global matrix guy"
(photo by Dawn Wicca)

A way opened, through a valley of temptation, or a promised land, depending on spin, through the mazeways of Costco.

I feel we chose judiciously and virtuously, Dawn and I: some clothing (I replaced the leather jacket, for that "global matrix guy" look), some cheese (Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp, Emmentaler Swiss), a corduroy jacket for Tara, essentials for Dawn, a box of California Clementines. No KTU3 jumped out at me, which was fine.

Carla's annual box of treats, including a picture of a now all grown up Stevie, arrived in the mail yesterday, Carla being Dawn's sister, the youngest of three, Sam being the eldest.

After the split with Don, Glenys took Sam and Dawn to live with Bud, while Carla remained with her dad. Don and I got along pretty well (never a hard word, that I can recall), but he'd mellowed with age by the time we overlapped.