Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wanderers 2006.10.17

Glenn Stockton is covering the basics of Sacred Geometry for a packed Pauling House, flipping through butcher paper and drawing little symbols using a purple pen. He brought a ton of books to the venue and piled them in a pyramid on the table in front of him. Terry is running a camera.

Basic SG includes using the Egyptians' golden vessels to diagram earth, water, air and fire, within their universal container, a pentagonal dodecahedron (not quite Synergetics, but that's for my talk).

By showing us all of these books, many by respectable authors (including an upcoming ISEPP speaker), he's helping us realize that this sacred geometry stuff is not too weird, not too scary. A lot of the basic math is actually very familiar and elementary.

People have forever mixed geometry with psychology (we do the same), brewing up whatever flavors of rationality.

Get a good mix, and you've got the ingredients for a flourishing civilization, weather permitting. Dumb it all down, and expect a lot of low quality trauma and drama.