Thursday, October 05, 2006


There's a lot of televized chatter about forgiveness in the air, in the wake of that insecurity dad's taking of innocent lives, then making a cowardly exit.

Of course the hounds of hell will pursue him for an age, that can't be helped (if you think you can control the boss, good luck with that). But Amish, modeling on Jesus, have already worked through to forgiveness, thinking very much of the man's family and children (also innocent casualties in this melee).

What if this insecurity dad had been Yemeni and the school on a US military base? How quickly would the love have spread in that context? But Amish are more expendable right?

Yemen is an easy target after all, quasi-defenseless, unlike these truck-driving insecurity dads, who pretty much run the Pentagon, at least in their own minds.

In the meantime, there's a lot of energy to be had from righteous wrath (that I'll own up to), though when stupidly expressed and squandered, that energy drains away pretty quickly, perhaps taking one to a low ebb at an inconvenient time.

Vengeful anger is a high risk investment, best grounded and thereby dissipated in polemics and debate (Dixie Chix a good model, film and television among the worthy media).

express yourself sufficiently effectively to distribute the load far and wide to empathetic others. Don't bottle it and sell it as self-amplifying hate literature to your self-chosen inner circle, trying to enflame them into committing atrocities, suicidal or otherwise.

So yes, I myself have invested in stridently unforgiving polemics from time to time. I let those speeches stand, as reflective of my state, and likewise pray Bob'll cut me some slack.

I'm not one to go back and censor the historical record too much, although I do assert my control over personal content (I'll rewire links, add or drop web pages -- you can check for what my stuff used to look like). Plus a lot of stuff just breaks (entropy is ongoing).

I liked the way Bucky did it: small staff, no paid publicist, directly handled the mail. Nowadays, with the Internet, I have further freedoms: world readable publishing, mail washers and spam filters -- plus a lot of the same affiliates Bucky had (even if I've managed to alienate a few).

Of course my Global Data Corporation sounds awfully big, not easily controlled. But like HP4E, it's mostly into open source business modeling, meaning we advertise our ideas, educating the public about ecosystem sciences and synergetics (e.g. my T-mods commercial).

In the literature, Global Data is a lot like the Economists' XYZ Corporation: a generic paradigm widget maker used to advertise the concepts of economists, quasi-fictional yet doing real work in the real world, as a template, usually spun as behaving innocently, if awkwardly.

Global Data is correspondingly into screen widgets for World Game players, other relevant eye candy, and advertises general systems theory (GST), in competition with the economists' less scientifically informed self-discipline. We have many enlightened sponsors.

Esoteric bumper stickers:
Global Data: an IVM Corporation (XYZers welcome to apply).
Global Data: more mirrors, less smoke.
Global Data: Better'n Enron's Bull.