Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ah yes, Urban Dictionary to the rescue re "wuh" (plus cite "at wuh dumb" as a reminder, to not be).

Above is what Koski just sent me, as part of an album he's compiling, of wuh-dumb soccerballs, thrown together by merchants & cartoonists who never learned about hexapents -- OK let's not all finger-point at the same time.

Kirby to Pam (from earlier today, spelling fixed):
But hey, it's a complicated challenge. Kids are drilled into thinking very qyoobishly very early, then grow up to drill their kids the same way, and so on down the line. How does one break in to something like that?

For sure you'll come off as disruptive -- yet the more global goal for the Global U is a smooth transition, not another blood 'n guts horror show (why can't we just upgrade for a change? -- I'm not going for rebooting at too low of a level (just some mo' betta television should do the trick)). [click here for more context]
My HP4E campaign, named for Guido's DARPA-funded, is going pretty well I'd say, but when are we gonna see those cartoons?

The Portland Knowledge Lab wants to know.

party favors with no pentagons