Sunday, October 15, 2006

More Technoinvective

I seem to have evolved a specialized namespace for use primarily in verbal sparring, often in a public congress, such as an egroup or listserv. "Technoinvective" was Applewhite's word for it, coined almost ten years ago.

Like, today I was going off against BDTs or "big dummy textbooks," the kind you feel like a dummy for lugging around in your bag, while day after day they don't teach you about the A & B modules.
I use the A & B modules to fight the control freaks, who also don't like that the Internet (based on tcp/ip) has freed geeks of all ages, and from around the world, to collaborate on open source cyber-curricula that put our dino tree-killer BDTs to shame. [1]
And on the Synergeo list, same thing: the prospect of yet more traffic jamming in some godforsaken red light district drives me wild:
What's to be afraid of is continued dumbing down and no Synergetics in any university philosophy departments, because arrogant physics heads pose as gatekeepers and can't fathom an alternative namespace wherein "4D" would *not* be under their control. [2]
It's not like I want a career in pro wrestling, wearing some spiderman suit. There're just some corners I need to see turned, before I'll be able to simmer down and remain more quietly brand loyal.

These days I'm liking Dido's White Flag for an anthem.