Saturday, January 28, 2006

Regarding Infrastructure

Dawn is preparing financial statements for NPYM (Steering Committee meets today), Tara is researching robots per usual (we home-screened I, Robot last night, using the Toshiba and Optoma EP 729 projector (plot: a beautiful machine mind turns fascist seeing how badly humans behave and has to be taken out)).

Per my recent Algebra with Python moodle, I'm on the lookout for warm fuzzy, trick- performing pet robots with Python bindings (how about a Python that speaks Python? -- perhaps too limiting ("roll over?")).

I'm wanting to propagate this algebra courseware beyond Winterhaven (my current base). Dethe of Living Code has stepped forward as a possible sysop for a new host.

An expanding courseware network is a part of my American dream for a more accessible and relevant public school system.

Update: Tara and I had lunch with Dave Fabik at American Dream Pizza, near Providence, then showed up at the Meeting House to show our videos, including that one about two ladies in the parking lot who get into a door slamming contest. Quakers ate it up.

Unrelated news: Les Schwab diagnosed and fixed a puncture in my right front tire yesterday, caused by a small nail or something, all at no charge per their tire guarantee, which tires will of course need to be replaced at some point.