Friday, January 13, 2006

Recruiting A New Wanderer

photo by Jack Smith, Associated Press

At our little follow-up with Art at The Bagdad, after the main meeting at the Linus Pauling House, I let slip that one of my jobs is to help figure out where to put a SeaWorld in Iraq. Of course that's mainly up to Iraqis, but the requirements of whales and dolphins also need to be considered.

Along those lines, Don and I have reached the point of wanting Wanderers open to non-humans (we could admit tigers and so on). I don't know what that would look like exactly, especially as we don't strictly define "membership" per se (sort of like Quakers -- my brand of 'em anyway).

I propose we test the waters by considering Keiko an honorary Wanderer, nevermind that he's dead (that's not a barrier to joining either, I should add).

I also put Art in touch with my friend Glenn at CDI (Glenn and I go back to IS in Manila). I'd stay with him in DC during meetings with Applewhite and/or Pycons.