Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Fragments

I drove Dawn to a TACS workshop @ Ecotrust building in the Pearl. She and other nonprofit bookkeepers congregate for updates on the general accounting principles in this specialty. We have a good core group of strong bookkeepers, thanks to TACS and friends.

I'm spending my day working for nonprofit clients (RHDS, AOI...) and doing curriculum writing, a lot of it open source. Today I'm sharing with community college professors about my virtual curriculum (uses lots of virtual reality type games, simulations, cartoons). However I'm not really thinking about the toys today [update: just thought about toyz], just bare bones content.

Yesterday, relatives showed up for a fun dinner at Portland Ale House (I was the only one to have beers). Bill Lightfoot (age 80), driving his Aztec, is touring with Eve and John Talmadge, with Eve and Bill siblings, formerly both Lightfoot, descendents of Persons from Sweden.

My grandmother Esther, dad's mom, was a Person daughter, along with Elsie, Alice, Harold, and Ernie. Elsie had the most children: Bill, Bo, Eddie, Howard, and Eve. Eve's two daughters are Alice and Mary.

We stayed with Mary enroute from Alice's back to PDX, last Thanksgiving. Harold gave us the Hancocks, through Barbara (her two boys fly jets, while Alice, like the other Alice, is into container shipping, which is big around Seattle).

This family loves Alaska. Eddie's boy Ricky (about my age) is with family up there (we say "up" meaning "around to the north").