Monday, January 23, 2006

From Over the Mountains

Sam and Judy came the whole way today, from near Black Butte, over the Santiam Pass, over to Salem, thence north, along I-5, to Portland. They had an item to retrieve, and relatives to visit: us, the Urner / Wicca alliance, marriage, family, whatever love makes. Katie Byron: is it true? Well, I sure hope so.

We ate lunch at Portland Ale House (I had fish), then headed back to the house. I showed some quick clips from Ali G. (first season), to give a sense of his amazing range: hip hop cop trainee; clueless wannabee dater; girly-man cat walker. R-rated for language (like Shakespeare).

Over lunch, we'd discussed many future viewing opportunities (allusion to quantum mechanics), which just keep multiplying thanks to outfits like Netflix (but at some point, you've gotta choose; the wave collapses). We all deserve time to catch up on some excellent theater i.e. this should be a right of anyone: to see what my age is sending off to the future (watch 'em pack the time capsule, as it were, and appreciate your own era, your own history).

Sam is Dawn's brother, Judy his wife. Sam and Dawn grew up in Ohio, then Florida, then Oregon. Judy's mom is a minister. They're both certified to deliver mail for the USPO.

They drove the whole way back the same day.