Friday, March 31, 2017

Playing with Blocks

I'm fortunate to have so many magnetic MITEs, enough for a rhombic dodecahedron, maybe two. Most people don't have those, even math teachers in Finland, so I guess I should stop waiting for the high production values and just get it out there with the terminology.

In these videos I'm introducing some of the tetrahedral space-fillers, such as Mite, Bite and Rite. The Lite is a space-filler, and a Syte, but not a tetrahedron.  The quarter Rite, i.e. with a point at the center exploding it into four, is also a space-filler, meaning no left or right handed (very strict).

Then I go on to show how Sytes face-bond to form volume 1/2 shapes. Koski and I added the Kit to the Kate and Kat. Kit = Lite + Lite. 

Do I imagine proud geometricians abandoning their tetragonal disphenoids in favor of these definitions?  Not really.  We're more into building our own culture than into trying to invade and take over the others. Ethnicities do rub off on one another, thanks to tourism, so some percolation of this terminology, by osmosis, is expected.  The A & B modules were original with Synergetics and take us into new territory in terms of polyhedron dissections. Then come the T, E & S modules.