Thursday, October 01, 2015

Substance Control


Oregonians were in the mood to celebrate today, in Portland especially, as Prohibition notched back a bit.

I made a symbolic purchase, snapping pictures, then came home to the tragic news on the radio, about the mass killing in Roseburg, one of Oregon's towns.

There's a connecting theme:  substance control, interpreting "substance" rather generally.  Guns are a substance, but then in a way, so are states of mind.

We're instituting different substance control protocols around cannabis, will we around guns as well?

A civilization is somewhat defined by how it controls access to such and such.  That would include to information, news sources etc.

Another duh moment:  I'd been scouring the Internet for a computer monitor also able to show HDTV.  I finally realized any monitor with HDMI-in would do, and I already have one of those, so no new purchase necessary to use the CenturyLink Prism service.

Glenn talked of General Semantics and "substance control" in another sense: maintaining mindfulness, not falling victim to one's own body chemistry, i.e. not becoming only a complex of  knee-jerk responses.  Korzybski segues to Bucky at St. Quentin [ the Youtube is gone -- the warden is introducing Bucky to the prisoners, mentioning they've been studying Korzybski most lately].

Of course way more people in Syria are getting mass killed every day.  Same issue:  it's so easy to get weapons, all you need is a "just cause" and some money, or a patron with an agenda.  But then try crossing a border for the same "just cause" reason.