Friday, October 16, 2015

More Memories

:: inheritance and composition:  OO through the lens of cell biology ::

When you apprentice under a master, the master presumably judges when you're ready to perform in his name, or her name, lets not be sexist right off the bat.  Actually a lot of Renaissance painters let their minions (grad students) do a lot of the actual painting.  The master would sign off, literally.  That sounds like leeching, and it can become that.  Work out the dynamics yourself:  sometimes the apprentices really appreciate the opportunity and know it'll look good on their resume.  Other times they simply enjoy the company of the master and / or the work.

In reading Critical Path, you'll come across Kiyoshi Kuromiya as "adjuvant" on that book.  He'd moved to Philadelphia in his earlier years, looking for an architect to apprentice under, first finding Lloyd Khan, but then Bucky, who really impressed him as the real deal.  Kiyoshi was into elegance and good taste, so also made a name for himself as an expert in matters culinary, a writer of restaurant reviews.

Fast forward and we find Kiyoshi dying of AIDS and working hard through Congressional hearings to legalize cannabis at least for patients such as himself, who suffered from loss of appetite and the wasting away that comes with that. As cannabis users know, it often brings on a desire for food, known as "the munchies" and some AIDS patients depend on that effect to get nutrients.

Of course it was a huge blow to Kiyoshi to be losing his appetite, as one of Philadelphia's super food gurus.  Too bad his attempts to prolong his life made him a criminal in the eyes of the law.  Thanks to his activism, some zip codes have escaped those dark ages.

"Adjuvant" is a word you'll find in books on virology, and it means "catalyzing agent", which aptly describes Kiyoshi's role, also taking care of Fuller when he'd gotten to the old master stage.  As such, he was also an apprentice.  Apprentices may also catalyze.

Critical Path pays homage to e.e. cummings in the Preface, in such as way as to maybe warn the reader she's wading into someone's prose-poetry.  No one believes in the kind of evolutionary cartoons Fuller tended to use, with whales and dolphins heralding the arrival of some two legged counter-part in some literal sense.  Is he trying to conjure the god Neptune then?  He certainly plunges in to a mariner-like yarn, and a tall tale.  What's believable here?

If he was implying humans and dolphins had a pre-Earth relationship or were maybe even the same species on another planet, he should have come right out and said so.  It's just not clear what literal meaning to attach to his Speculative Prehistory, especially in light of Tetrascroll.  His science fiction allowed not warp travel exactly, but something akin to hyperspace.  I suppose we could say he allowed for reincarnation on other planets, but that just sounds goofy and he never said that anyway.

Perhaps I'm more the uncertified apprentice.  I admired and learned from a great master, but I was not an adjuvant nor apprentice exactly.  Co-conspirator, sure.  I never actually got to hang out with Bucky, except that time at Hunter College.  I did visit with Applewhite some, and KiyoshiKenneth Snelson. Allegra and I had breakfast together, some decades after Bucky died.  I've worked with some other people Fuller worked with.  We were partially overlapping scenarios in Scenario Universe.

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