Saturday, October 10, 2015


Opening LuxBlox

One of my co-workers is visiting from California today.  I look forward to our meetup at Rogue Hall. I've already been downtown twice today by car to drop and fetch Carol from here WILPF meeting.  I'm happy to chauffeur an 86 year old internationally recognized peace activist to and from her planning meetings.

Yesterday I got a shipment of Lux Blox from the inventors.  The toy currently consists of a single atomic square tile, not unlike Polymorf (another toy) in creating a hinge when conjoined with a neighbor.  Its flexibility adds a dimension.

Since I'd just been sharing some Martian Math storyboards, I built a perimeter, a protective fence, to keep the Earthlings from barging into "the Martian apartments" a tetrahedral stack of icosahedral cocoons.  Of course I'm using Flextegrity, another product oft placed in my blogs.

Fantasy:  LuxBlox Perimeter Around Martian Apartments
:: airplane for scale ::

I put the Lux Blox toymaker in touch with a Chinese STEM toys specialist, just helping him grow the network.  Who knows if that will go anywhere, right?  We have a number of Quaker families in Portland with experience doing business in, or with, Chinese companies.  Portland is on the Pacific Rim after all.

Geometry toyz have long been a focus of mine, including work on Strange Attractors by Design Science Toys (no longer in business).  Flextegrity is not a toy.

I sometimes call 'em the "toyz" to make 'em more edgy, as in: for adults as well.  I'm into andragogy as well as pedagogy.  I don't want the stereotype of "toys are for children" to preclude older people learning some Synergetics (a philosophy) or Python (a computer language) or whatever subjects I'm currently out there teaching.