Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lindsey's Flyer

Hey Everyone,

Duke's Landing
I'm playing at Duke's Landing Saturday Night at 8:00 PM August 29th, which is today. Sorry for the late notice. Duke's is still BYOB beer and wine with receipt. I've got three hours booked, so if you want to come out and jam or play a few songs, just show up. I'll be setting up at 6:00 PM if you want to sound check, practice some chords or just hang out. I don't want this to be an open mic, but more like a loose jazz and blues jam session.

I'm officially turning this weekly email into a Newsletter. I'll be providing updates on shows and my political and community activities. I'm currently working on a free garden and bicycle project, and would like to blog about them and maybe do Free School classes on them. If you don't want to receive these email updates just respond back to this email and request to be removed from my list.

I've had a good time this week adding many of you as friends on Facebook. I've really enjoy reading everyone's comments and looking at their pictures. While Myspace is good for music, Facebook seems more like the right place to talk about other things like political and personal interests. It's really cool.

Take it easy and hope to see or hear from you all soon!