Monday, August 10, 2009

Lightning Talk

[KU adds, in 2013:] This is like one of those rants in Uru, some guy in an animated book, leaving a message in a semi-crazed, even frantic state.  One comes across these recordings later.  They lead you deeper into the mysteries of the (language) game.
To just bleep over the concentric hierarchy of polyhedra, based around a unit volume tetrahedron, is to me a terrifyingly cowardly decision, is a threat to our shared future ... "How could humans do this to themselves?" I find myself asking....

So then, when I go off and vent by making a little video suggesting I'm just dealing with quacks, readers looking over my shoulder can at least see where I'm coming from. It drives them crazy too (some of them) as I'm not the only die-hard in my little camp.
[math-teach, March 14, 2010]

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