Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daily Bulletin

:: milepost 5 ::

We're gearing up to check out Milepost 5, not neglecting the local neighborhood block party, something to get back to.

On the edu-sig ministry list I'm pushing the analogy between teaching programming and teaching piano: each teacher has a style and usually the students come to the studio, although the idea of an itinerant piano teacher is also a well-known script (or program).

We also need to do more to link theater and computers, per this "agile" meme.

Is a musical instrument "event driven"?

Good Bye Party at Muddy Waters tonight...

Here I am using MW wifi, having a couple cans of Old German Premium Lager outta Pittsburgh. Laura was singing a moody birthday song when I got here, then turned the stage over to Lindsey Walker who is driving that Yamaha keyboard hard, delivering her unique and edgy sound.

Her Freedom Train is not to be missed. Everybody's Stupid expresses a darkly militant solipsism born of disillusionment, yet tinged with humor. Her Sex Doll, sung by the Laura, Lindsey on keyboard, Rick on guitar, all contributing vocals, is a true tour de force.

Dr. Tag and Beth have joined me, the blogger in the corner, geekazoid publisher of vintage brands of kookaholic gibberish (can't get enough eh?).

I'm thinking about our Wanderers at sea quite a bit, hoping that adventure is going OK.