Friday, May 15, 2009

More Developments

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The Oversight Committee meeting went well this evening, with several impassioned speeches (rants), including one of mine -- something about not wanting to be like Dr. Phil, but you had to be there I think.

This idea that Quakers just say quiet and polite things to one another is maybe stereotypical, but somewhat far from the mark in many cases.

We also use cell phones (I did from the meeting, called Andy re Friends Peace Teams), Facebook, Twitter, you name it.

Per PSF minutes (not a Quaker organization, but the idea of "minutes" is common to both), the NiceTime proposal failed a second time at bat, and now I'm urging we dump Gattegno for a more radical masthead (lets turn some more heads).

Do we really want to pander to that younger crowd? Don't Scratch and Squeak have that demographic covered? Monty Python isn't Teletubbies. Guido isn't Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo.

I'm concerned that our product placement campaigns might be most effective at TV-14 and above, more like Jay Leno (i.e. late night TV).

We've been batting around the airport concourse idea, as a place for the logo.

Speaking of Jay Leno, I caught Katie's appearance as his guest last night.

Yeah, I agree the brave troops have an impossible job getting between the opium crop and fundamentalism, even while promising schools, jobs and health care, winning hearts and minds all around (Operation Valhalla).

This level of security is hard to accomplish, even in the homeland (we're not there yet), let alone as some stranger in a strange land with minimal relevant language skills. I was just writing about that yesterday (see below).

This is like mission impossible on steroids, makes you wonder what else those so-called policy gurus have up their sleeves in DC. They think soldiers are superheros don't they? Too much TV growing up? Too many Marvel comics?

The merciful thing would be to discover a civilian political process that incorporates religious fanaticism somehow, Israel a good model (ultra-orthodox have a role).

Don't balance your books on the backs of your military, if you know what's good for ya (I think the First Lady would agree). Use TV effectively, to foster national debate -- let people see for themselves who the players are.

I'm sure the Pakistanis have some thoughts on these matters. In a recent interview I saw by Lara Logan (also CBS) of Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari, there was some thought the out-of-towners should have visas, including if appearing in some combat capacity (not recommended).

Non-visa bearing troops seem a tad like an invading and/or occupying army, which builds sympathy for the locals (we saw this in Iraq as well), including for its more radical elements.

Smart commanders know better than to lose the battle for hearts and minds so easily, so I'm guessing the visa situation is being addressed -- not my area of expertise, but there's probably something in the papers about it.

On the ISEPP list, we've been chatting about some Endogenous Economics out of California. Terry thinks this guy Romer makes a lot of sense, and he does.

Although I feel somewhat superior towards Californians (am a typical Oregonian in that way), I could nevertheless see applications of EE to the brand of Home Economics we've been cooking up for Portland Public Schools (PPS).

Our stuff may be more futuristic than some people are used to, but we could still have some Julia Child videos, Martha Stewart too why not? Maybe also Roz Savage? We focus on joules and/or calories a lot, so-called Supermarket Math. Guys get to play too.

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