Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yakking about TV

From Synergeo this morning, me replying to Alan.

Re: Scan Man on NUMB3RS

> Did you happen to catch that Scan Man episode
> on NUMB3RS?
> By the way, the fictitious name Union Parcel Express
> (UPE) was inspired by United Parcel Service (UPS).

I tend to avoid that show as it pisses me off too much, what with that Olympian know-it-all, giving every nerd false impressions of what it might be possible to be, and then some, feeding unrealistic ideas of the future. Of course it's great to know a lot of math and apply it, but how many guys like the guy in that show do you really think live outside some screenwriters' fertile imagination. At least with 'Buffy', you know it's fiction.

My cousin Mary was in ER @ Chicago General when the writers for that show came by with the intent to maybe stay awhile, get in the mood, take some of that back to their writing. The docs were thrilled, ordered lots of pizza. The writers stayed for a rather short time, lost their appetites, didn't return the next day. 'ER' the TV show is fiction as well.

People spoon feed themselves these worlds that don't exist, then can't understand why reality is not just like what they see on their televisions. Duh.

Hey, I'm not saying the average adult doesn't know the difference between reality and make-believe, but I think some of the more vulnerable, with a tenuous hold on "what's so" to begin with, are done a disservice by being placed in front of the TV and told to amuse themselves in that way.

OK, so maybe the History Channel and Discovery Channel have merit (love 'Myth Busters'), but so many kids get hooked on these highly fictional doctor, lawyer, and cop shows (NUMB3RS is basically one of the latter, a cop show, the odd-ball genius and/or psychic a standard role in that genre) that purport to be about the world in which we live (have that docu-drama and/or contemporary realism flair), whereas they're no more about the "real" FBI (or CIA or whatever) than 'X-Files' or 'American Dad' (both shows I like).