Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PPUG 2008.10.14

I'm here at CubeSpace learning about the newest Pythons. Jason has a green console for 2.6 and a scarier red one for 3.0, the backwardly incompatible one (scream!). Right now, we're getting a demo of the new fractions module, way cool.

Jason kicked off the evening with attrgetter, one of his favorite microfeatures. He's right, it's nifty and cute.

My lightning talk
was sponsored by Fine Grind Productions, a new mathcasting brand I'm marketing, in association with a neighborhood coffee shop looking into the open source subculture as a possible source of future bookkeeping tools, ala my Wild West high definition visualization libraries.

Sometime in the future, when you buy that Cup o' Jo, you'll see where your pennies go, some percent to Mercy Corps, some percent to AFSC or whatever (depends on the shop).

I'm spoofing the apocalyptic mindset, ala Y2K, suggesting we write a PEP for a new snake dance called The Writhe. I suppose this is one of those "you had to be there" jokes. My audience seemed receptive. Watch YouTube for examples.

Now we're looking at a talk about multiprocessing (import Process), thanks to Adam.

Google's Blogger is down at the moment, inconvenient but I'll live. I hope Jody isn't bored out of her mind (I'm sure she is, I didn't mention it was OK to use a laptop while others are presenting -- considered rude in other subcultures but not in geekdom).

She'd never seen CubeSpace before, so maybe this was worth her time, hope so.

I should have used this blog entry in my slides, instead of the one I did, as the I Ching module I wrote works in earlier Pythons (talking about Unicode). [Later moved to Google App engine, then it went out of date with changes to the latter's API].

The open source coffee shop project has merit, maybe we'll take it somewhere. Glitzy LCDs are a part of the plan, though they could be subtle, low key, depending on existing theme and decor.