Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opening Night

Given my apparent gluttony for BBQ, in this namespace a colloquialism for all things buckaneer, I was more than pleased to get D. W. Jacobs' expansive welcome to his show on opening night, this on top of having had breakfast with Allegra the very same morning. What an action packed day this has been!

My only comment as play critic this evening was that I noticed the projected labyrinth when Bucky's dad dies. I noticed it last time too.

I was also grateful for the opportunity to sample the energetic Darla Cash, resident of the big island in Hawaii (check the program, she's strongly into set design). She and I drove around downtown looking for the right bank, exchanging esoterica, so she could cash a certain check to buy celebratory chocolates.

I was able to bring Trevor and Glenn, in addition to Tara and Carol. Having given Allegra copies of Trevor's books this morning, I was happy to see them actually meet and start talking.

My special thank you to Doug Tompos, the star, for really putting so much of himself into this challenging role. Having such an intelligent multi-media approach really helps, but at the end of the day those are just props, literally.

I'm glad you could join us for dinner at The Bagdad that time, my daughter is appreciative of you're being in that episode of Angel, makes her dad seem cooler that we'd travel in overlapping social circles.

I heard many appreciative comments from others in the audience, but will let the Portland based press share for awhile (I've had my turn).

I'll be back in to watch again though, looking forward.