Thursday, October 02, 2008

Map Quest

:: map store ::
Pursuant to my curriculum writing agenda, I took off on foot in search of a Fuller Projection this morning, passing Bagdad Theater, an art car, religious and eating establishments, e.g. Burgerville.

I found both a tubular and framed version at Pittmon Map and Travel Store, next to Lucky Lab.

I walked home, grabbed Razz, and went back for the framed copy, stopping by Lucky Lab for lunch, and the vet's for some specialized cat food.

While walking home, I was stopped by a Mercy Corps person with a clipboard and I started gabbing about this map, how it's so hard to find in some USA cities.

"They just won't tell you about this map in school," I mentioned, "very Stalinist." "I feel sorry for all the oppressed people here" I continued. She gave me a funny look.

Yep, you meet all kinds of weird clowns on Hawthorne.

This Flickr scenario tells the story in pictures.

:: art car ::