Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rave Review

"Obviously we're frustrated by the ratings. We don't believe that the broadcast or Katie are getting the credit they deserve," CBS News senior vp Paul Friedman said. "It's a first-rate broadcast. Most people who watch it carefully inside and outside the broadcast will tell you that. She's doing a great job." [story]
Yeah, we don't get it about the low ratings out here either, except to say some Americans like to be pandered to, like to see key players bend to mob rule, get in line with the program, whatever that means.

The CBS News team has the best access and best stories, we'd be completely at sea without 'em (in some perfect storm if Fox had its way, very good for ratings -- if you still have electricity).

Sitting around Pauling House table today, speaking freely about whatever. Lunch with the Boltons again. Good seeing Barbara, Jim Buxton. More sparring with Wayne on Math Forum, did some DemocracyLab stuff, other puttering.