Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Puttering

I've contracted with my fellow Americans to do some yard work for me, as I'm lacking many middle class accouterments, such as an edger or blower, not even a weed whacker I'm pretty sure.

Way cool to have a pickup haul stuff away, although we contract for curbside lawn debris pickup as well, along with regular garbage and recycling.

This particular contract terminates end of June, as I let stuff go dry in the summer, not wanting to pay for cosmetics, although I do keep those washers going (both dishes and clothes), believe in hygienics, pay attention to pull dates and like that.

While I believe in doing my part for property values in these parts, I'm so glad we're not in some Over the Hedge scenario, with knocks on the door because the shrubs aren't regulation, or whatever the hell.