Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wanderers 2008.3.4

Although I've resigned from any management responsibilities with Portland Wanderers, I still attend the neighborhood meetings at Linus Pauling House.

Tonight I showed up with my projector and flipped through a few items, including a preview of my Chicago Pycon talk.

Also, since Barry was telling Peace Corps stories from Brazil, focusing on Manaus and "rubber barons" enamored of opera, I couldn't resist seeking Fitzcarraldo links on Youtube and dredging up the Klaus Kinski vs. Jason Robards clip -- takes me back.

Bill has been writing a port scanner in assembler and had himself talking to a USB port at home. But on his Dell Inspiron, the same ports appear inert.

Aldona is a Lithuanian name. Her mom didn't learn English until later, as that Shenandoah mining community had its Lithuanian section, where one could get by in that language. Good seeing Steve again.