Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Road

:: tools of the trade ::
I'm often asked what my life as a gnu math teacher is like. In some ways I'm like a journalist, with name tags like press passes, color coded to denote my rank and/or privileges, plus with these blogs in which to journal.

For example, the red tag on the right let me get up in front of the cameras in Chicago. The hand-written Portland BarCamp tag (cleverly reusable) merely announces to peer geeks that I'm interested in Python, Toons, Math e.g. my 4dstudios does mathcasting around Python quite a bit.

I don't actually encourage stuffing two CubeIts! in your carry-on, as the 24 MITEs apiece are highly magnetized, might mess with your other media.

:: close up ::
And speaking of "on the road," my uncle Bill Lightfoot was by today, sans the red Aztek, which he'd exchanged for a newer white one.

Happy Birthday Matt, great being included in your family, since age five or six as the neighborhood newbie. Wonderful seeing all those brothers and sisters again, plus spouses and offspring.