Monday, December 03, 2007

Quiet Monday

It's being pretty wet out there, with those gorge winds zipping through, making those Troutdale takeoffs and landings just a little more challenging.

We're starting to test the metal of recent immigrants from burbs more like Buffy's Sunnyvale. Tara says every outdoor scene in House M.D. shows it raining, emphasizing the Seattle backdrop, more of our Pacific Northwest rainforest economy. Lots of flooding, on Hwys 217 & 26 around Portland, and Hwy 101 at the coast (Tillamook especially).

Naga, the pet snake in my office, keeps doing her upside-down routine, learned when she was still a pup. There're some circus tricks you can do when you're all backbone.

The two teens finished pasting up their science posters on Saturday, using my office. The Ducks ended up losing the Civil War, but not without a good fight. Our Quaker group launched into Advent mode last night, practicing some arts and crafts around luminaria and paper recycling.

Tara and I took in some Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoons (DVD), then headed over to 24 Hour Fitness by way of Movie Madness.

The Chicago Pycon judges are still mulling over proposals, with over 140 candidate talks in the hopper.

4D Solutions had another meeting with DemocracyLab at a local Internet cafe.

Montag Oil sent a truck around to pump neighborhood tanks full of heating oil (I took on 284 gallons at $3.14 per). End users pay the going price, no locking in with futures, the basis of many a fat margin up line.

The dishwasher is still working perfectly, thanks to Les & Elise. Even the shorting-out problem seems resolved, which I hypothesize now was owing to the shot-through heating coil on the same circuit.