Thursday, December 06, 2007

Math Makeover Update

One might think I'm discouraged, given we all could be enjoying higher living standards by now, were our American heritage not being derailed, or at least held in check, by know-nothing ideologues clinging to what very little they know ("game theory" -- gimme a break).

But the fact of the matter is I'm enjoying a traditional middle class life style, a version of the American dream, tinged with iPods, memory sticks, digital cameras, other bling. I have a stable job, a living wage, health insurance and all the rest of it.

So really, I have nothing to complain about.

Furthermore, my local Oregon campaign is not standing still. And more globally, the BFI has steadily grown in stature from its humble beginnings, with me its first web master, Kiyoshi & Co. having been foresightful enough to grab when it was still grabable.

More importantly, the global electrical grid keeps integrating and telecommunications just keep getting easier, so networking with peers doesn't present as much frustrating bottlenecking as it used to.

So there's lots to celebrate of an environmental nature as well, despite global warming and the ice age it harbingers.

All that being said, I can't help registering my impatience here and there, such as with sniping from the Math Forum at Everyday Mathematics, a principal brainwashing tool of the know-nothings.

Many potential readers have trained themselves to bleep over my posts, because I always say the same things, about Python, about A&B (T&E) modules, about whatever. That Kirby guy, why doesn't he just shut up already? Doesn't he know we don't care?

But of course I have my cheerleaders, from whom I take aid and comfort (football metaphors have their benefits I think).

thanks to Steve for sharing this xkcd comic via Les