Monday, December 17, 2007

More Meetings

more party bling
If we count cyber-meetups, I've been an especially busy bee of late, holding court with computer science geeks, shooting the breeze with the math teacher types, and yakking it up with some charter schoolers. I quit Quaker-P though, since awhile back, in an effort to simplify.

I started my day on the PSU park blocks with Nick, pouring over AAA maps of Northern California especially, getting insider lore, plus Hyzy emailed a trekking tip and so on. I appreciate all this encouragement from my friends, and believe Razz is ready (no bizmo this time -- the North American market isn't ready I don't think).

The Glenn Stockton hexapent is coming along, within my Chinese apothecary (an allusion to our on the drawing boards 4D Solutions bookkeeping engine (one of our Uru-like visualization tools)). We checked out The Dollar Scholar for more executive toys, then enjoyed burritos at Cha! Cha! Cha! -- both are on the Sunnyside side of Hawthorne.

I was on the hook with at least a couple 4D Solutions clients (one of them pro bono), plus had another great visit with local AFSC staff (I'm coming out of retirement), discussing cats and their health problems among other topics (our Moon Kitty has been barfing up her supermarket food, so I'm going back to the more expensive stuff we get from the vet).

Congratulations Dave, on the new gizmo.

toyz for technogeezers