Thursday, November 29, 2007

Generation Rx

Given most health plans have strong stipulations around expensive psychiatric services, getting the right dose of the right stuff, under strong supervision, is a high privilege, one very few might afford (the CEO's kid maybe -- great benefits in that package).

The workarounds have these big downsides: share with an authorized user, making her or him an accomplice, or become a doctor yourself, for a big chunk of change (in exchange for some really rewarding moments).

I'm sure you'll dream up some other options (move to a country with different laws?).

The best answer to this epidemic would be to drastically lower stress levels among tweens and teens, by making more of their dreams come true, for a better planet, for more promising tomorrows. As Teilhard de Chardin put it: belief in a positive future is the key to any religion's long term effectiveness (so make that just any ideology).

A secondary answer would be to decriminalize some practices currently met with probation / incarceration, while at the same time upping the bar on who gets to dispense (legally, but on highly regulated terms).

Somewhere between rehab for serious cases, and that open minefield of "anything goes" there might be some serious-minded institution willing to pass along some constructive habits for safe and legal drug use. Sounds like something those Scandinavians might try.