Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blind Spots

I was mentally surveying my little neighborhood the other night, thinking of store fronts, other establishments, in which I'd never set foot, despite having lived here (Richmond / Sunnyside) for over a decade.

This barbershop named bishops, for example -- looks like a fun place, and I actually take visitors to look through the window, because of certain artwork on the east wall -- but I've never gotten a haircut there.

"For no good reason" I feel like saying.

At least I finally got around to The Space Room right around Halloween, for a couple of drinks with my friend Patrick (still no beer since Lithuania though -- I've shed a few pounds). That's kind of a retro '50s place, back when the future seemed more like The Jetsons.

Speaking of retro futurism, I often think back to Kenneth Snelson's excellent collection, which he shared with me in his studio during one of my visits. Old magazine covers and like that. By 2000, we'd all be wearing jet packs or riding trains powered by Tesla coils. And there's this book I recall from the Princeton Book Store: Wasn't the Future Wonderful?

I should go buy that now (self indulgent?).

This new electric car dealership on Sandy has a similar retro flavor (by design), with the added benefit of being less speculative and hypothetical. I still don't see many on the streets of Portland yet. But I do see them.