Sunday, August 05, 2007

Show and Tell

I thought I did a pretty good all American classic living room slide show presentation last night, like a travelogue, and with the Ubuntu Dell laptop & Optoma, instead of a slide show projector.

I spun my Beryl cube of desktops, showing Rose Festival, July 4 picnic, Lithuania, Tara's ceremony, me at Reed, teaching at PSU, attending OSCON & Ubuntu conferences.

I also went through my Connecting the Dots presentation [warning: 3.2 meg] in about 5 minutes (an included "lightning talk" as we call 'em).

Yes, it's all about me (grin). Actually I wasn't the only buckaneer in the room. Robin, also a Jay Baldwin fan, helped me sustain a public conversation about hexapents. She's from my "boomer echo" generation.

Also part of this show and tell: controlling Crunchy, who performed without a hitch herself. Earlier I'd been worried about the butt spinner, but then learned in a coffee shop that said spinner is disabled whenever the recharger is plugged in, as a security precaution.

[ I'm concluding that digitalspace's new owners are less competent than the outgoing crew. Like, they're all proud they have level three engineers who can restore broken default behavior, which is for .py files to show their contents when clicked on, as the default icon connotes -- proud they can, but really don't have to. From India maybe? Maybe just seriously overworked. Maybe there's only one level three engineer for every 30,000 customers.


I ended the show with Nelson Mandela talking about the spirit of Ubuntu, a default inclusion on the Ubuntu Linux distro.

The Optoma had more projection duties this morning: slides from Darfur, presented by Paul Barker, regional head of CARE. I'll post some more thoughts in my Control Room on that.