Sunday, August 26, 2007

Making the Rounds

Bybee Lake, North Portland

Thank you Larry, for cuing me about this Portland Century event, this year a fundraiser for Hands On Portland (a former DWA bookkeeping client), with catering provided by Madison's Grill (yummy salmon).

We took off around 9 AM over the Hawthorne to the Springwater Corridor, which took us to Gresham by way of Sellwood. Then surface streets to Marine Drive in Troutdale, and a loop back around Bybee Lake, then back to downtown by way of the University of Portland and the Broadway Bridge.

The finishing line, like the starting line, was in the PSU park blocks.

About 50 miles all told.

Our party: Larry, Gordon, Suzanne and myself, later joined by Brian with the way cool bike with radio controlled gears.

Larry is a pilot in training, and organizational consultant. Gordon helps support people who prefer cash to credit cards for phone bills and such. Both Larry's and Gordon's kids tend to speak more than just English.

Suzanne has a lot of street cred in NGO world, including in Sri Lanka.

Larry and Suzanne were my ride mates for this year's Bridge Pedal as well, along with Larry's wife Chris. Great seeing Gordon again.