Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Inner Sanctum (a storyboard)

I hatched this up with some other writers last night: a cartoon in which stereotyped casts of conspirators keep opening a secret door to reveal... a yet more inward conspiracy (yielding room after room as the camera keeps zooming in to the next shocking truth).

In the funnier versions, we'd keep closely encountering these ET-like sanctums, like under the Denver Airport. Then some wizened grey points to a hatch (like in Lost) through which "the real boss" comes into focus: like Meyer Lansky and cronies?

We could play with figure eights, other looping structures.

Poking fun at paranoia (always a dangerous exercise (grin)).

I'm trying on NASA Night Launch, a darker skin for my FireFox web browser -- another manifestation of shifting tastes as I recalibrate my intake (I'm making it crunchier), with expert coaching from a philosopher I know.

Later today: I saw Penn & Teller's Bullshit! episode on Conspiracy Theories at a friend's, the DVD on loan from Multnomah County Library.